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  • PCB Production Capacity

    1 -30 layer of high-precision impedance, blind & buried holes, HDI boards, high frequency board, halogen-free boards, high-tg boards, aluminum base circuit boards. [View Details]
  • FPC production Capacity

    We offer FPC Fabrication from 1-6 layer with high quality and best price, especially for Antenna FPC, FPC cable, touchscreen FPC etc... [View Details]
  • SMT Capacity

    SMD & DIP soldering, re-flow soldering, wave-soldering, sweat soldering, and also make test according to customers requirement. [View Details]
  • PCB Leadtime

    We offer normal pcb leadtime service with prompt delivery, and also offer fast pcb production service as 24 hours for 2 layer pcb and 48 hours for 4 layer pcb to our customers. [View Details]

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