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PCB Assembly Prototype

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Product Abstract:

we are offering turnkey solution from pcb layout design,IC programming, pcb fabrication, component sourcing and pcb assembly

Product Description

We commit to offer high level circuit board ( PCBA ) to our customers all over the world

1) Abundant experience and strong ability in material sourcing, manufacturing, test and quality management.

2) Professional engineer  team in charge of PCB, FPC, and PCBA design.

3) Circuit boards 1 to 20 layers PCB layout, fabrication, PCB assembly and box building.

4) High-precision 0201 size components SMT technology.

5) RoHS compliant SMT, DIP process.

6) High-precision E-Testing include: ICT in circuit, function test, AOI, BGA repair device,etc.

7)  Flexible production volume follow different customer requirement.

8)  Provides OEM services to all sorts of printed circuit board assembly.

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